A girl holding up a slab of concrete with multi-colored mosaic pieces within it. The headline reads 'Chicago Stories 2018, Mosaic'

Roles: Project Manager, Lead Graphic Designer, Photographer, Copywriter

Print Project // The goal of this project was to create a publication that articulately and beautifully communicated the mission and work of the Chicago Navigators, a diverse non-profit that includes people who mentor college students to those working in detox and prison re-entry programs, to people who reach out to refugee and immigrant populations.

I was able to oversee the designing and themeing of these printed booklets all the way through to production. To fill in some of the gaps in content along the way, I proactively utilized my photography and copywriting skills. It was a delightful challenge to add my own modern sensibilities to the piece while still sticking to the organizational branding and style guide.

An article spread of the booklet. It has a photo of a black man bending down to paint an indoor window border, and he is dressed in white. An article spread with James Kang, a Korean-American man, smiling directly towards the camera while at a hotel in southeast Asia. An article spread with a photo of a community garden sign that says, 'Tomatoes' on the left and an article with the heading, 'Life-Long' is on the right.


Roles: Lead Graphic Designer, Copywriter

Branding Project // Second City Summer is a spiritual training and mentorship program aimed at college students in Chicago, and one of the main themes of the program is to see the kingdom of God within Chicago. Though this wasn't my first swing at branding, this project was the first time I created something completely new. Being a self-taught designer, I learned so much more about how to work with a client to create something you are both pleased with.

I also realized that most people don't nit-pick the details, but this is absolutely necessary when building a brand. Creating everything from the overall brand to t-shirts, study materials, and a newsletter enabled me to oversee consistency across the varying mediums.

The Second City Summer style guide. Various Second City Summer logos